Series 4 - Episode 6 Funeral



When Meg and Bunny's Grandma Primrose dies, it's time for Meg to step up, be an adult and organise the funeral for her grieving family. Meanwhile, Laura is on a final warning at work, so when Bunny gets hold of some Glastonbury tickets they definitely can't attend - or can they? Last in the series.

Cast & Crew

Meg Jessica Knappett
Bunny Lydia Rose Bewley
Laura Lauren O'Rourke
Frank Bob Mortimer
Hot & Cold Perry Fitzpatrick
Patrick Kadiff Kirwan
Pete Joseph Macnab
Nathan Ash Rizi
Jenny Arabella Weir
Granny Primrose Jessica Barnes
Tracey Liz May Brice
Gerald Paul Clayton
Stan Philip Harvey
Funeral director Roli Okorodudu
Director Al Campbell
Producer Sam Pinnell
Writer Jessica Knappett
Writer Emerald Fennell
Writer Brett Goldstein
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