Planet Earth II


Series 2 - Episode 2 Mountains



Snow leopards are solitary creatures, though obviously they can’t remain alone all the time or they’d be closer to extinction than they are already. But their “courting” and mating are seen in some very rare footage as a female tries to protect her cub while caught between two very determined male suitors. It’s shockingly violent.

These are the rare beasts that so many documentary crews track but never spot. Here, thanks to remote cameras, we see them in all their silky glory.

Elsewhere, more comically, grizzly bears scratch against trees with joyous abandon, and flamingos mince, en masse, through a chilly lake, heads aloft, like a bowler-hatted dance troupe.


Rare footage of the elusive animals that live in the unforgiving environment of the world's mountain ranges. A female snow leopard with a cub ends up caught between two rival males, grizzly bears rub themselves up against trees in an attempt to shed their winter fur, and golden eagles hunt over snow-capped peaks.

Cast & Crew

Presenter David Attenborough
Executive Producer Michael Gunton
Producer Justin Anderson