The Secret Life of Prisons: Cutting Edge

The Secret Life of Prisons: Cutting Edge


We’ve read about drugs and violence in our prisons but the reality as shown on sickening footage filmed on smuggled-in mobiles is much worse. Inmates place orders for spice (a cheap, incredibly powerful drug), which is flown in by drones, hidden in trainers or sprayed onto a kid’s drawing. One man had a heart attack because he took too much, others endure vicious “happy slaps” they’re so desperate to get it. Prison staff cuts result in total anarchy.

This is followed by 60 Days in Jail, which reports on a risky plan to send law-abiding volunteers under cover into an American prison to see what’s going on there.


Documentary exposing the reality of life inside British prisons, as shown on numerous videos shot illegally by prisoners on smuggled-in mobile phones and uploaded to the internet. Footage shows prisoners taking and having severe reactions to drugs, violence and undertaking humiliating tasks in exchange for drugs. Including interviews with former inmates and relatives of people featured in the videos.

Cast & Crew

Director Tom Barrow
Executive Producer Simon Ford