Ordinary Lies

Series 2 - Episode 4



It’s another gripping story from Coopers Outdoors, the Cardiff sportswear firm where every employee has a private life that’s chequered with deceit. Here, it’s forklift truck driver Wendy (Rebekah Staton), whose story is the most hard-hitting yet.

Wendy lives with her girlfriend Katya, but Wendy’s unstable ex, Nina, is making threats against them, scaring Katya, threatening to drive her away. Wendy can’t bear it, so she talks to her ex-Army mate about sending Nina a violent message…

Staton – whom we last saw as the merciless mum in Raised by Wolves – is really terrific, boiling with emotion that she’s trying to suppress, but completely believable as a good person doing, or contemplating, very bad things.


Wendy is a gregarious forklift truck driver who likes a good time and enjoys joking with her colleagues at Coopers. Despite being content with her life, it takes a turn for the worse when her violent ex, Nina shows up unannounced at her home and threatens to kill her girlfriend, Katya. Meanwhile, just as things seem to be heading in the right direction for Ally and Ash, the latter goes missing. Will this make Ally want to give up trying to help him overcome his depression? Drama, starring Rebekah Staton, Joel Fry and Angela Griffin.

Cast & Crew

Wendy Rebekah Staton
Neil Noel Sullivan
Lenny Aled Pugh
Joe Con O'Neill
Ally Jennifer Nicholas
Fletch Matt Di Angelo
Caz Elen Rhys
Ruth Kezrena James
Karl Gareth Pierce
Toke Joel Fry
Ray Ian Davies
Sarah-Jane Elinor Crawley
Ash Luke Bailey
Katya Lizzie Stavrou
PC Carly Fenn Caitlin Richards
Florence Liwsi Kilcourse
Kim Rachel Isaac
The Man Simon Nehan
PC Michelle Barton Bethan Mai
Jenna Angela Griffin
Laura Ruth Lloyd
Nina Karen Paullada
Jag Simon Trinder
Taxi Driver Huw Novelli
Big Beard Richard Elis
Director Misha Manson-Smith
Executive Producer Danny Brocklehurst
Executive Producer Nicola Shindler
Producer Emily Feller
Writer Danny Brocklehurst
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