Rich Hall's Presidential Grudge Match

Rich Hall's Presidential Grudge Match


The US Presidential election has been a trying affair, so kudos to presenter Rich Hall for capturing the international mood in this bitterly pessimistic documentary. Detailing past dirty tricks and back-door shenanigans, Hall finds that little has changed in the grubby world of US politics, with Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton’s clash paling into comparison with the intense races between LBJ and Goldwater or Bush and Dukakis.

But perhaps it’s to be expected. As one talking head puts it, prospective presidents are people “who believe from birth that they’re the centre of the universe.” Why wouldn’t they try just about anything to get into the Oval Office?


The comedian examines the sordid machinations behind becoming the president of the US, giving an insight into some of the dirtiest and nastiest campaigns in American history.

Cast & Crew

Presenter Rich Hall
Director Chris Cottam
Producer John McCormack