Series 4 - Episode 5 Sober



Meg, Laura and Bunny decide to detox for a while by signing up for a charity mud-running event. However when Laura finds a new man, Bunny has a little health issue and Meg receives news about her family, they find themselves unprepared as the race day dawns. Jessica Knappett, Lydia Rose Bewley and Lauren O'Rourke star.

Cast & Crew

Meg Jessica Knappett
Bunny Lydia Rose Bewley
Laura Lauren O'Rourke
Frank Bob Mortimer
Gary Bobby Hirston
Jenny Arabella Weir
Sara Alice Barlow
James Sam Jackson
Doctor Donna Berlin
Tim the corner shop guy Gabriel Bisset-Smith
Computer guy Graham Dickson
Concierge Jacob Edwards
Bradley Tolu Ogunmefen
Terry Howard Ward
Director Al Campbell
Producer Sam Pinnell
Writer Emerald Fennell
Writer Jessica Knappett
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