The Victorian Slum

The 1900s

Series 1 - Episode 5 The 1900s



Our 21st-century participants have left the 19th century behind and entered the 20th. They’re no longer Victorians but Edwardians. Confusing, eh?

There’s still appalling poverty, as photos of the time prove, but there have been improvements for the slum dwellers. The Birds, for instance, are in charge of a well-stocked Co-operative shop, but most exciting are the hampers of exotic food donated to London’s poor by the new King when his coronation feast was cancelled because he had appendicitis.

Generally it’s been a sobering experience for this group of pretend poor, but a heart-warming sense of community has developed amongst them, too.


In the concluding edition the slum dwellers move into the 20th century and find social change is in the air. Community spirit is embodied by the arrival of the co-operative movement and shopkeepers the Birds have members to look after rather than customers to profit from. The wider world continues to impact on life in the slum and some enjoy a day trip out to the countryside, while the men exercise their right to vote and the women learn what their East End counterparts did in the quest for female suffrage. Michael Mosley presents. Last in the series.

Cast & Crew

Presenter Michael Mosley
Executive Producer Cate Hall
Producer Leah Caffrey
Series Director Emma Frank
Series Producer Mark Ball