Operation Gold Rush with Dan Snow

Lakes and Rivers

Series 1 - Episode 2 Lakes and Rivers



Snow attempts a spot of white-water rafting in a rudimentary flat-bottomed boat. It’s all in the name of historical authenticity: tens of thousands of the stampeders who raced to wildest Canada during the Klondike rush braved these rapids in crude vessels. Still, you fear he’s about to enter the history books too, especially when his usually sanguine polar explorer teammate expresses grave doubts.

When they’re not risking life and limb, it’s painfully slow going. Retracing the Klondikers’ perilous journey is a great way of illustrating their astonishing tenacity and foolhardiness, but Snow may finder it harder to recruit for his next historical quest.


Dan Snow, Felicity Aston and Dr Kevin Fong build a wooden boat, following original designs for the vessels used during the Gold Rush. This vessel must carry them across hundreds of miles of treacherous lakes and rivers, including the infamous One Mile Rapids, a narrow canyon of white water and jagged rocks.

Cast & Crew

Presenter Dan Snow
Contributor Felicity Aston
Contributor Dr Kevin Fong
Director Anthony Barwell
Executive Producer Cameron Balbirnie
Executive Producer Jonathan Renouf
Producer Anthony Barwell
Series Producer Ben Crichton
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