Nosey Noisy

Series 14 - Episode 3 Nosey Noisy



There are some things you’d never imagine hearing on TV… Sandi Toksvig burping, for instance. But the QI-meister is the first to demonstrate this unseemly sound because tonight’s theme is “nosey and noisy”. So there are ruminations on “what noise a frog on helium makes”, “whether hot and cold water sound different when poured” and “the loudest thing anybody has ever shouted”.

The latter gets a very non-BBC2 response from Corey Taylor from heavy metal band Slipknot. Now you’ve got to admit that’s a left-field booking, although their gigs regularly hit a deafening 109 decibels, so it sort of makes sense.


Sandi Toksvig invites Aisling Bea, Corey Taylor and Ross Noble and Alan Davies to answer questions on subjects associated with nosey and noisy. Since the questions are impossible to answer, points are awarded for being interesting rather than correct.

Cast & Crew

Host Sandi Toksvig
Panellist Alan Davies
Panellist Aisling Bea
Panellist Corey Taylor
Panellist Ross Noble
Director Ian Lorimer
Producer John Lloyd
Producer Piers Fletcher
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