The Nightmare Neighbour Next Door

The Nightmare Neighbour Next Door

Series 5 - Episode 9

Saturday 2:40pm - 3:40pm Channel 5


Pensioner and single dad George chose a Grimsby cul-de-sac for a bit of peace and quiet, only for a raucous twentysomething to move in next door and start throwing loud parties. But when George complained, violence erupted - and blood was spilled. In Croydon, old friends became enemies when one couple's car began to block access to the other's home, while Stoke musicians Anne and Dave were puzzled when their neighbour complained about the noise they were making, since they were 200 miles away performing at the time.

Cast & Crew

Director Andy Robinson
Director Gareth Rowlands
Executive Producer Matthew Gordon
Executive Producer Michele Carlisle
Executive Producer Tim Quicke
Producer Andy Robinson
Producer Gareth Rowlands
Series Producer Sarah Rest
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