The F.I.P

Series 3 - Episode 5 The F.I.P



Taskmaster revolves around nicely basic pleasures: (a) comedians lark about and (b) they take the mick out of each other. At times there’s an air of lads-down-the-pub about it but there’s nobody better than Greg Davies for this kind of boysy crossfire, especially when, say, Al Murray is accused of cheating by offering bribes (again) or completes a task using a gong from his mate’s gong shop (again).

It’s the final, so stakes are high (sort of) as Rob Beckett, Sara Pascoe, Paul Chowdry, Dave Gorman and Murray try to play charades across a river. In that task, oddly, they happen upon Ben Fogle, who seems like he’s wandered in from another universe.


Dave Gorman, Al Murray, Rob Beckett, Sara Pascoe and Paul Chowdhry discover which of them is this series' winner.