Saving the Devil

Saving the Devil
Thu 1 Jun 3pm - 4pm Nat Geo Wild
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Thu 1 Jun, 3pm - 4pm Nat Geo Wild HD
Fri 2 Jun, 12am - 1am Nat Geo Wild HD
Fri 2 Jun, 12am - 1am Nat Geo Wild


In a remote corner of a remote island, live incredible and iconic marsupials: The Tasmanian Devils. Native indigenous Aborigine people recount stories of a once beautiful, panther like animal that was cursed and turned into a sharp clawed, wide mouthed and angry devil like creature called 'Terabah' meaning 'Nasty one'. This one hour special programme explores the incredible and complex lives of the last Tasmanian devils on earth. We will get to know the characters behind the legends, learn surprising social secrets, witness the birth of a new generation and see how their expert hunting and tracking skills have made them Tasmania's top predator.