Series 2 - Episode 5



Sex, violence, car chases, betrayals – it all kicks off tonight. I’m particularly enjoying Hester, the sinister industrial synth who has developed consciousness, but not a conscience. She has already discovered how effective torture can be with humans, and says pointedly to synth-liberator Leo, “In human history, has any great change ever been accomplished, any unjust oppression been overturned, without violence?”

Humans likes to throw off the odd philosophical spark like this. In another plotline Karen, the secretly synth policewoman, points out to boyfriend Pete that they can never grow old together, because synths don’t age. And elsewhere, Mia, who is usually so serene, discovers a new emotion: anger.


Leo investigates the Silo and track down the sniper who shot Ten. Hester promises to use peaceful methods in dealing with the killer, but Leo is not sure his ally can be trusted to keep her word. Mia faces falling into the hands of a mysterious organisation, and Karen makes an admission that rocks her relationship with Pete. Odi tries to find meaning in her life, and Sophie is fascinated by Renie's lifestyle emulating synth behaviour.

Cast & Crew

Flash Ritu Arya
Harmeet Amy Athwal-Kirby
Max Ivanno Jeremiah
Mia Gemma Chan
Ed Sam Palladio
Danny Eric Kofi Abrefa
Mattie Hawkins Lucy Carless
Laura Hawkins Katherine Parkinson
Joe Hawkins Tom Goodman-Hill
Toby Hawkins Theo Stevenson
Sophie Hawkins Pixie Davies
Tabitha Nathalie Armin
Odi Will Tudor
Hester Sonya Cassidy
Leo Elster Colin Morgan
Dr Athena Morrow Carrie-Anne Moss
V. Chloe Wicks
Gil Tim Ahern
Dr Aveling Claudia Harrison
Niska Emily Berrington
Neha Patel QC Thusitha Jayasundera
Peter Keeley Aidan McArdle
DI Karen Voss Ruth Bradley
DI Pete Drummond Neil Maskell
Renie Letitia Wright
Connor Justin Salinger
Seraph Billy Jenkins
Utility synth Matthew Ovens
Arvinder Oliver Bodur
Director Francesca Gregorini
Executive Producer Sam Vincent
Executive Producer Jonathan Brackley
Executive Producer Lars Lundstrom
Executive Producer Henrik Widman
Executive Producer Derek Wax
Executive Producer Chris Fry
Producer Paul Gilbert
Writer Sam Vincent
Writer Jonathan Brackley
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