Ordinary Lies

Series 2 - Episode 6



The backdrop to each of this series’ playlets is the nine-to-five world of Coopers Outdoors in Cardiff. And after six weeks, we know its workforce uncomfortably well. We know who spies on their own family, who leads a fantasy life on Facebook, who walks the street by night as a superhero, and who went off the rails because of a violent ex-girlfriend.

But through all this, the playground mentality at Coopers barely misses a beat. In the concluding episode, the firm has its annual awards night. “And now, the It’s Five o’Clock Somewhere Award for the most eager to finish a shift…” announces Joe, as another ribbing heads the way of moustachio-ed creep Carl.

But it wouldn’t be Ordinary Lies if someone’s life wasn’t folding up like a deck chair, and it’s the turn of boss Jenna (Angela Griffin). She always appears so poised, but a night out with her ex-con sister spirals into the unthinkable.


General Manager Jenna has the ideal apartment, car, the perfect clothes, a wonderful fiance and job. However, behind her composed exterior, she is hiding a dark secret. Struggling to escape her lingering past, combined with her frustration at the recent IVF results, Jenna finds herself in a troubled place. As she tries to distract herself with a wild night out which ends in disaster, her wayward sister comes back on the scene and threatens to ruin the life Jenna has built for herself. Meanwhile Ally is still determined to help Ash through his depression. Drama, starring Angela Griffin and Matthew Gravelle. Last in the series.

Cast & Crew

Jenna Angela Griffin
Jake Kingsley Ben-Adir
Cerys IVF (Receptionist) Alice White
Gwyneth (Nurse) Rhian Cheyne
Karl Gareth Pierce
Ray Ian Davis
Ally Jennifer Nicholas
Caz Elen Rhys
Sarah-Jane Elinor Crawley
Joe Con O'Neill
Fletch Matt Di Angelo
Jag Simon Trinder
Neil Noel Sullivan
Lizzie Judi Shekoni
Aaron Matthew Gravelle
Toke Joel Fry
Detective Bell Eiry Thomas
PC Bethan Llewllyn Heledd Gwynn
Custody Sergeant Geraint Morgan
Michael Halliday (Duty Solicitor) Ian Saynor
Wendy Rebekah Staton
Ruth Kezrena James
Mr Security Rhys AP William
Ash Luke Bailey
Neeta Suresh Anneika Rose
Waiter Sion Ifan
Director Jon Wright
Executive Producer Danny Brocklehurst
Executive Producer Nicola Shindler
Producer Emily Feller
Writer Danny Brocklehurst
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