My Mother and Other Strangers

My Mother and Other Strangers

Series 1 - Episode 3



Young Francis Coyne’s adult self (Ciaran Hinds, unseen) bookends every episode with a misty-eyed reminiscence about his mum and life in the muddy little Northern Ireland lakeside community of Moybeg in the Second World War.

It adds a rosy glow to My Mother and Other Strangers that it doesn’t really deserve, as it’s such a dour drama. Tonight an outbreak of potentially deadly scarlet fever makes the village turn in on itself as the sickness claims young victims.

Meanwhile, Rose Coyne (Hattie Morahan) casts coquettish ownward glances when handsome US Army Air Force captain Dreyfuss (Aaron Staton) comes to call on wholly specious grounds. They clearly fancy one another, but she’s a married woman and mustn’t succumb to such silliness.


A touring variety group visits the town at Halloween, but the celebrations are cut short when a local child falls seriously ill with scarlet fever. Dr Black arranges to have her quarantined, but admits that there is only so much he can do, so Rose turns to Captain Dreyfuss for help in getting her to a hospital. Michael gets involved in black market profiteering, to the fury of his wife.

Cast & Crew

Rose Coyne Hattie Morahan
Michael Coyne Owen McDonnell
Capt Ronald Dreyfuss Aaron Staton
Kettie Brady Antonia Campbell-Hughes
Barney Quinn Gavin Drea
Davey Hanlon Seamus O'Hara
Emma Coyne Eileen O’Higgins
Failey Kerr Logan
Ned Hanlon Des McAleer
Mickey Joe Hanlon Ryan McParland
Francis Coyne Michael Nevin
Tillie Zeigler Kate Phillips
Sally Quinn Fiona O'Shaughnessy
Clarrie Marsden Niall Buggy
Kate Coyne Mia Carlin
Jemmy Fox Frank McCafferty
Nellie Fox Christina Nelson
Minnie Ryan Aimee Richardson
Bridie Hagan Hayley McQuillan
Ellen Quinn Maggie Cronin
Maisie Quinn Sophie Melotte
Seamie Brady Isaac Heslip
Lt Steiger Cosmo Jarvis
Dr Black Charles Lawson
Sgt Gibson Peter Ballance
Brendan Moran Mark Fitzgerald
Father Nolan Michael Colgan
Sweet seller Skye McClenaghan
Ambulance driver Matthew Forsythe
Older Francis Ciaran Hinds
Director Adrian Shergold
Producer Grainne Marmion
Writer Barry Devlin
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