Kids on the Edge: Last Chance School

Kids on the Edge: Last Chance School

Series 1



Aged three, Josh scavenged for food to feed himself and his two younger siblings. After being taken from his birth parents to live in a series of foster homes and now adopted by two lovely dads, Stig and Phil, he is a challenge. He can be violently, powerfully angry and disruptive and it takes the infinite patience and cajoling of staff at the NHS-run primary school, Gloucester House, to calm him.

Josh, now 11, is one of a number of children referred to the school and it’s crushing to learn of sometimes awful early trauma, like that of Luke, whose brother died in a hit-and-run accident when Luke was just one year old. His pain is articulated with formidable tantrums.


Documentary shedding light on the work of the teachers, therapists and support workers of Gloucester House, Tavistock and Portman's NHS-run primary and early secondary school for children with complex emotional, social and behavioural problems. The specialist team cares for 18 students, many of whom have been excluded from mainstream schools, and this programme introduces three youngsters currently attending. Eleven-year-old Josh, who was adopted at the age of six, has worked through his traumatic early years, and is now entering his last term at Gloucester House, while newcomer Danya-Leigh provides staff with a challenge, as they hurry to get to grips with her individual needs while offering support to her mother. Also featured is Luke, who has spent three years at the facility, and is now preparing to return to mainstream education.

Cast & Crew

Director Peter Beard
Executive Producer Liesel Evans
Producer Emily Turner