Series 3 - Episode 1



A crocodile-like monster from ancient Egypt breaks through an anomaly at the British Museum, and a race against time ensues as Cutter, Abby and new head of security Captain Becker chase the otherworldly animal through London, while Connor and museum archaeologist Sarah stand guard.

Cast & Crew

Nick Cutter Douglas Henshall
Connor Temple Andrew-Lee Potts
Jenny Lewis Lucy Brown
Abby Maitland Hannah Spearritt
Helen Cutter Juliet Aubrey
James Lester Ben Miller
Captain Becker Ben Mansfield
Sarah Page Laila Rouass
Christine Johnson Belinda Stewart-Wilson
Captain Ross Michael Wildman
Marion Taylor Regina Freedman
Cleaning lady Cristina Catalina
Replica clone Tim Faraday
Director Tony Mitchell
Executive Producer Tim Haines
Executive Producer Adrian Hodges
Producer Tim Bradley
Writer Steve Bailie
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