Series 3 - Episode 4



A giganotosaurus appears when the biggest anomaly the team has encountered opens in an aircraft hangar. The giant creature smashes aside journalists keen to get a scoop, before playing cat and mouse with a 747 parked on the runway. A race to rescue the trapped crew from the rampaging predator ensues, with help coming from an unlikely source. Guest starring Nigel Marven, with Jason Flemyng.

Cast & Crew

Danny Quinn Jason Flemyng
Connor Temple Andrew-Lee Potts
Jenny Lewis Lucy Brown
Abby Maitland Hannah Spearritt
James Lester Ben Miller
Captain Becker Ben Mansfield
Sarah Page Laila Rouass
Katherine Kavanagh Ruth Gemmell
Mick Harper Ramon Tikaram
Christine Johnson Belinda Stewart-Wilson
Captain Wilder Alex McSweeney
Jack Maitland Robert Lowe
Captain Antony Edridge
Documentary presenter Nigel Marven
Director Mark Everest
Executive Producer Tim Haines
Executive Producer Adrian Hodges
Producer Tim Bradley
Writer Paul Mousley
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