Series 18 - Episode 86 Pramface



The fallout from Mrs Tembe’s initiatives are reverberating around the surgery. Today Sid returns from his holiday in Mexico, refreshed and ready for anything – even a sugar ban. But he’s a bit concerned about Mrs Tembe’s “death board”.

However, Mrs Tembe is busy elsewhere. Having met new mum and fellow-churchgoer Carly (Dani Moseley) in the park, she later finds a baby abandoned in the toilets at the Mill. Tucked inside the baby’s clothes is a note and whoever the mother is, she doesn’t want the baby. It doesn’t take much for Mrs Tembe to work out the mother’s identity, but can she convince her to take the baby back?


A baby is abandoned in the toilets at the Mill. Sid returns from holiday, only for his anxiety to return immediately, and Karen has to deal with Barney on her own.

Cast & Crew

Dr Daniel Granger Matthew Chambers
Dr Emma Reid Dido Miles
Dr Al Haskey Ian Midlane
Dr Sid Vere Ashley Rice
Ayesha Lee Laura Rollins
Mrs Tembe Lorna Laidlaw
Karen Hollins Jan Pearson
Valerie Pitman Sarah Moyle
Rob Hollins Chris Walker
Barney Turner Theo Graham
Carly Fisher Dani Moseley
Natalie Taylor Natalie Russell
Director Daniel Wilson
Executive Producer Mike Hobson
Producer Grainne O'Boyle
Writer Katharine Way
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