Harry Hill's Tea-Time

Paul Hollywood

Series 1 - Episode 1 Paul Hollywood



Harry Hill has struggled a bit since TV Burp so it seems a smart move to revive key aspects of what made his ITV show so great with this delicious new cookery-based caper. This time, though, he’s behind a kitchen counter (not a desk) and delighting not in Corrie snafus but some bonkers cooking and ribald riffs on a special guest.

Here there's a Greek theme as Paul Hollywood is brought from “the larder” to try to keep a straight face as Hill (and hunchbacked assistant Trevor Modo) mucks around to delightful effect.

Hollywood is sporting about the clips from his TV past, which are offered up with a Burp-like brilliance and jovial snark. And if you ever wanted to witness a Bake Off presenter carving a likeness of George Michael out of a slab of kebab meat, well this is your lucky day.


Light-hearted chat and entertainment show in which Harry Hill casts his comedic eye over the world of cooking and cookery TV programmes. Great British Bake Off judge Paul Hollywood joins him on the first edition and is challenged to create the classic dish that is a George Michael carved doner kebab with feta cheese. Plus, appearances by the disco squid, hunchbacked assistant Trevor Modo and a melancholic sing-song from the Delia Smiths.
Food Comedy