Can't Pay? Benefits Special

Can't Pay? Benefits Special

Saturday 7pm - 8pm Spike
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Sat 3 Jun, 5:10pm - 6:10pm Channel 5 (not Channel 5 +1)
Sat 3 Jun, 6:10pm - 7:10pm Channel 5 +1
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Mon 5 Jun, 1:10pm - 2:05pm Channel 5 +1


A special edition of the documentary series exploring the work of High Court Enforcement agents, focusing specifically on moments in which they are called to recover homes, goods and cash from the people often considered the most vulnerable in British society. Among the cases highlighted are those of a single mother struggling with debts totaling more than £45,000, an aggressive debtor recovering from a brain tumour who refuses to pay his dues, and a hard-working young nurse who is desperately seeking a home for her young family, but is facing opposition from landlords who are not keen to let their properties to people dependent on housing benefits.

Cast & Crew

Executive Producer Malcolm Brinkworth
Executive Producer Charlie Clay
Series Producer Susan Crook