Series 1 - Episode 2 Chestnut



“These violent delights have violent ends.” Yes, android farm girl Dolores (Evan Rachel Wood) is quoting Shakespeare again, disturbingly and also, we can’t help feeling, prophetically.

She’s one seductive thread in HBO’s drama about a hi-tech western theme park, but there are dozens more. The structure is all over the place – a dab of new character here, a snippet of plot there – but boy is it atmospheric, with a sense I remember from the early stages of Lost that there are many dark layers of meaning and intrigue to be uncovered.

Ed Harris’s black-hat gunslinger certainly hopes so – he’s looking for “the deepest level of this game”. Meanwhile, that saloon pianola plays Radiohead.


Two new guests take a trip to Westworld and explore the possibilities offered to them, while a popular host faces being decommissioned after showing abnormalities.

Cast & Crew

Man in black Ed Harris
Maeve Millay Thandie Newton
Dr Robert Ford Anthony Hopkins
Teddy Flood James Marsden
Dolores Abernathy Evan Rachel Wood
Bernard Lowe Jeffrey Wright
Ashley Stubbs Luke Hemsworth
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