Young England

Series 1 - Episode 8 Young England



It’s the last episode in what’s turned out to be ITV’s biggest drama hit of the year so far, so it’s unsurprising that the channel has ordered a second series. But may I suggest when Victoria returns, it’s without all the tepid below-stairs shenanigans? They just get in the way.

A heavily pregnant Victoria (Jenna Coleman) is bored, uncomfortable and restless, lounging around eating marrons glacés and feeling she’s under acute observation. All the chatter about what to do if she dies in childbirth isn’t exactly comforting, either.

Albert (Tom Hughes) tries to be attentive, but Victoria only ends up feeling stifled, so she takes a carriage ride in the park. But danger lurks in the crowds of “wellwishers”.

Meanwhile, Albert’s sexyboots brother Ernest (David Oakes) has returned to see his dopey duchess, the woman who wears a necklace in her hair.


The queen is heavily pregnant, but defies her mother and husband when they try to keep her confined to the palace - while the Duke of Cumberland sees political advantage to be gained should Victoria die in childbirth. During a public appearance by Victoria and Albert, a man in the crowd tries to assassinate her, setting in motion a number of conspiracy theories. Skerett receives an offer from Francatelli to join him in his new establishment. Last in the series.

Cast & Crew

Victoria Jenna Coleman
Prince Albert Tom Hughes
King Leopold Alex Jennings
Duke of Cumberland Peter Firth
Duchess of Kent Catherine Flemming
Baroness Lehzen Daniela Holtz
Skerrett Nell Hudson
Francatelli Ferdinand Kingsley
Brodie Tommy Knight
Sir Robert Peel Nigel Lindsay
Mrs Jenkins Eve Myles
Prince Ernest David Oakes
Penge Adrian Schiller
Lohlein Basil Eidenbenz
Edward Oxford Harry McEntire
Lady Emma Portman Anna Wilson-Jones
Harriet, Duchess of Sutherland Margaret Clunie
Lord Alfred Paget Jordan Waller
Capt Childers Andrew Scarborough
Abigail Owen Aoife Kennan
Eliza Samantha Colley
Sir James Clark Robin Soans
Police inspector John Hodgkinson
Director Olly Blackburn
Executive Producer Daisy Goodwin
Executive Producer Damien Timmer
Executive Producer Dan McCulloch
Producer Paul Frift
Writer Daisy Goodwin
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