The Level

Series 1 - Episode 2



This drama hums with good actors in minor roles – or seemingly minor roles. Watching it, you feel sure the likes of Amanda Burton and Gary Lewis will be worth more than the odd passing scene they’ve had so far. We barely glimpsed Burton last week as the grieving widow; now we see more of her and she has a juicy head-to-head with Lindsey Coulson’s senior detective, who makes the mistake of casting aspersions on the widow’s marriage.

But mainly the episode is about colouring in a shady picture – the knots of characters in the circle of criminal Brighton haulier Frank le Saux (Philip Glenister). Including, of course, our heroine Nancy, whose threat level has just gone up to severe.


Mistrustful of her colleagues, Nancy desperately needs an ally - but cannot open up to Hayley for fear of putting them both in danger. When the police make a public appeal hoping to shake out the missing witness, Nancy is unexpectedly forced into the spotlight, leaving her exposed and bringing an old enemy out of the woodwork - Hayley's ex-boyfriend. Meanwhile, the murder investigation focuses on Frank Le Saux's accountant Theo Kettler, whom a witness links to a Newhaven garage suspected of drugs trafficking. Drama, starring Karla Crome, Laura Haddock and Joe Absolom.

Cast & Crew

Nancy Devlin Karla Crome
Hayley Svrcek Laura Haddock
Sean `Gunner' Martin Noel Clarke
Kevin O'Dowd Robert James-Collier
Michelle Newman Lindsey Coulson
Cherie Le Saux Amanda Burton
Shay Nash Joe Absolom
Gayle Vincent Jane Hazlegrove
Darryl Quinn Lorne MacFadyen
Gil Devlin Gary Lewis
Frank Le Saux Philip Glenister
Delia Bradley Kelly Harrison
Theo Kettler Rupert Procter
Julie Ruth Madeley
Sharad Nayer Ashley Kumar
Teresa Devlin Suzanne Packer
Tate Le Saux Cian Binchy
Romany Svcek Grace Pennington
Thane Svrcek Alfie Pennington
Executive Producer Kate Norrish
Executive Producer Polly Leys
Series Director Andy Goddard
Series Producer Jane Dauncey
Writer Gaby Chiappe
Writer Alex Perrin
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