Series 1 - Episode 3



The increasingly barmy Paranoid is supposed to be a thriller, but when its central mystery is boiled down by one of its characters as “the whole thing is about words typed on paper”, interest starts to drizzle away.

But then Paranoid has so many things NOT going for it – characters without a scrap of believability, dialogue that makes not a jot of sense (“the biggest cop, the cop that will get you, is the cop in your head”. What?) and a plot that’s all over the place.

If you’re still hanging on by your fingernails (there are another FIVE episodes after this one), the thick DC’s suffocating, crimson-lipped vamp of a mother (Polly Walker) provides most of tonight’s fun.


Alec is rescued from the water and rushed to hospital, where he receives an unexpected visitor. In Dusseldorf, Linda's suspicions seem justified when she has a breakthrough and starts to believe Ruben Locana's death was not an accident. Back in the UK, Bobby, Nina and Alec face a race against time as they try to locate the pages at the heart of the case. Conspiracy thriller, starring Robert Glenister, Indira Varma, Dino Fetscher and Christiane Paul, with Lesley Sharp, Neil Stuke, John Duttine and Anji Monhindra.

Cast & Crew

Nina Suresh Indira Varma
Bobby Day Robert Glenister
Alec Wayfield Dino Fetscher
Michael Niles Neil Stuke
Linda Felber Christiane Paul
Lucy Cannonbury Lesley Sharp
Ghost Detective Kevin Doyle
Eric Benton John Duttine
PC Megan Waters Anjil Mohindra
Cedric Felber Daniel Drewes
Dr Crowley Michael Maloney
Sheri Ayda Field
Monica Wayfield Polly Walker
Walti Merian Dominik Tiefenthaler
Hester Fairweather Natalie Amber
Dr Parcival Shobna Gulati
Marquita Olivo Nikol Kollars
Luke Benton William Flanagan
Melanie Vicky Myers
Bald man Jonathan Ojinnaka
Director Mark Tonderai
Executive Producer Nicola Shindler
Executive Producer Bill Gallagher
Producer Tom Sherry
Writer Bill Gallagher
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