Cold Feet

Series 6 - Episode 5



Daft David has some novel ideas about the criminal justice system. Honestly, what’s he done, he wonders, just a bit of fraudulent false accounting, with perhaps a dash of conspiracy? And even then he’s not guilty, not really. He accepted hospitality and a free trip to the Monaco Grand Prix? So what? Oh, David.

As he blusters in the kitchen, having moved back in with his remarkably understanding ex-wife, Karen is dealing with a crisis of her own, only more deftly than her pathetic former husband. Her young boss at the publisher where she works is a snide little dweeb with no interest in actual books.

As for Jen and Pete, their problems keep mounting as Grant, an ex-boyfriend of Jen’s, turns up out of the blue, claiming he’s renounced booze and wants to make amends. He’s played by Peep Show’s Robert Webb and he’s an entertainingly ghastly buffoon.


Jenny is shocked when an old flame turns up at work, kicking off a chain of events that has irreversible consequences, while Adam picks himself up and vows to reconnect with son Matt after breaking up with Angela, beginning with a nostalgic trip to Piccadilly Records. David continues to claim ignorance of a dodgy overseas investment, but the evidence against him is stacking up and a distracted Karen is oblivious to the seriousness of the allegations being made against him. Comedy drama, guest starring Robert Webb.

Cast & Crew

Adam Williams James Nesbitt
David Marsden Robert Bathurst
Karen Marsden Hermione Norris
Pete Gifford John Thomson
Jenny Gifford Fay Ripley
Tina Reynolds Leanne Best
Floyd Vardy Dominic Coleman
Tricia Matthews Susan Cookson
Olivia Marsden Daisy Edgar-Jones
Chloe Gifford Madeleine Edmondson
Paul Matthews Peter Gunn
Adam Gifford Jack Harper
Ellie Marsden Ella Hunt
Eddie Zubayr Art Malik
Matthew Williams Ceallach Spellman
Sam Harvey Prasanna Puwanarajah
Malcolm Osborne Marcus Taylor
Grant Hodges Robert Webb
Director Jamie Jay Johnson
Executive Producer Kenton Allen
Executive Producer Mike Bullen
Executive Producer Matthew Justice
Producer Rebecca Ferguson
Writer Amy Roberts
Writer Loren McLaughlan
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