The Culling

Series 2 - Episode 12 The Culling



The gang goes after the white supremacists who raped Gemma, after gathering their wives and children at the clubhouse for safety. AJ Weston learns the truth about Ethan Zobelle's business dealings in Charming.

Cast & Crew

Jackson `Jax' Teller Charlie Hunnam
Clarence `Clay' Morrow Ron Perlman
Gemma Teller Morrow Katey Sagal
Bobby Munson Mark Boone Jr
Tig Kim Coates
Filip `Chibs' Telford Tommy Flanagan
Tara Knowles Maggie Siff
Opie Winston Ryan Hurst
Half-Sack Epps Johnny Lewis
Piney Winston William Lucking
Wayne Unser Dayton Callie
Agent June Stahl Ally Walker
Jimmy O'Phelan Titus Welliver
Ethan Zobelle Adam Arkin
Director Gwyneth Horder-Payton
Executive Producer Art Linson
Executive Producer John Linson
Executive Producer Kurt Sutter
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