Magnum Opus

Episode 3 Magnum Opus



A college dean is found bludgeoned to death in local woodland, following a heated pub debate. When an alchemic image is discovered by the body, denoting the first of four stages of a process called `The Magnum Opus', the detectives realise that there are three more murders to follow. Before any more crimes are committed, the team must uncover the guilty secret that the victims share in order to learn the identity of the killer and the potential victims.

Cast & Crew

DI Robert Lewis Kevin Whately
DI Hathaway Laurence Fox
Dr Laura Hobson Clare Holman
Ch Supt Moody Steve Toussaint
DS Lizzie Maddox Angela Griffin
Wouter Eisler Stephen Boxer
Jay Fennell Daniel Flynn
Dax Kinneson Wil Johnson
Sam Langton Bobby Lockwood
Carina Beskin Honeysuckle Weeks
Phil Beskin Martin Wenner
Annapurna Kinneson Syreeta Kumar
Nell Hathaway Sally Scott
Nate Hedesan Jaygann Ayeh
Gina Doran Isabella Laughland
Barman Richard Rowie-McGhie
Grace Beskin Serena Evans
Bex Kaisa Hammarlund
Director Matthew Evans
Executive Producer Michele Buck
Producer Chris Burt
Writer Chris Murray
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