Hooten & the Lady

Hooten & the Lady

Series 1 - Episode 2



Strangely our adventurers have forgotten all about discovering – then losing – the fabled city of El Dorado in last week’s opening episode. This time Ophelia Lovibond’s Lady and her wisecracking “jungle and tomb man” sidekick (Michael Landes) are in Rome tracking down a book foretelling the future and the Second Coming of Christ (but with the Mafia on their tail, naturally enough, as well as a giant crocodile).

It’s utter hokum, of course, and the central pair’s joshing is often a tad tiresome. But it’s also unashamed fun and refreshingly unembarrassed about embracing clichés. It looks amazing and a nocturnal clue-hunt in the Sistine Chapel will take your breath away.


Hooten asks Lady Alex to help him search for the Sibylline Books - a collection of lost mystical prophecies from ancient Rome. The British Museum curator accepts, but quickly finds herself scaling the Sistine Chapel, battling a sewer alligator and clashing with the Mafia. Action adventure, starring Michael Landes, Ophelia Lovibond and Jane Seymour.

Cast & Crew

Hooten Michael Landes
Lady Alex Lindo-Parker Ophelia Lovibond
Lady Lindo-Parker Jane Seymour