Hooten & the Lady

The Amazon

Series 1 - Episode 1 The Amazon



Is a brash, lavish, pulpy and cartoonish Indiana Jones-style family drama your idea of TV heaven? If so, you’ll lap up this tale of Hooten (Michael Landes), a wise-cracking American chancer with a hidden heart of gold who joins forces with Ophelia Lovibond’s Lady Alexandra, a desk-bound British Museum employee thirsty for adventure and (principled) treasure-hunting.

Tonight they’re seeking the fabled city of El Dorado where only a few tribespeople (whose depiction is not overburdened by political correctness, let’s admit) and a dastardly Frenchman called Pascal can stop them. The central pair work off each other fairly well in a cheerful and sunny antidote to the serial-killer gloom of much modern TV drama. And while its homage to Harrison Ford’s archaeologist (as well as the Michael Douglas movie Romancing the Stone) feels unashamed, reverence does lapse into cliché-revelling at key moments.


British Museum curator Lady Alex Lindo-Parker jets off to the Amazon in search of Victorian explorer Percy Fawcett's lost camp, but after encountering one or two minor mishaps, she is thrown together with maverick American adventurer Hooten. The pair stumble upon El Dorado - the fabled city of gold - but there are rival explorers lurking behind every tree to make sure that getting their hands on any treasure won't be an easy task. Action drama, starring Michael Landes and Ophelia Lovibond.

Cast & Crew

Hooten Michael Landes
Lady Alex Lindo-Parker Ophelia Lovibond
Lady Lindo-Parker Jane Seymour
Clive Stephenson Shaun Parkes
Ella Bond Jessica Hynes
Edward Jonathan Bailey
Mrs T Kierston Wareing
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