The Sound of Fury

The Sound of Fury


Liverpool-born Ronnie Wycherley became an overnight sensation in 1958 when he was asked by showbiz impresario Larry Parnes to go on stage and sing a couple of his self-penned songs. Ronnie's knees shook with nerves, but over 2,000 screaming girls welcomed the new star of British rock 'n' roll. Parnes immediately signed Ronnie to his stable of artists and christened him Billy Fury. This documentary recounts Fury's story, and his impact on the birth of popular music in Britain. Contributors include David Puttnam, Mark Kermode, Amanda Barrie, Vince Eager and Imelda May.

Cast & Crew

Contributor David Puttnam
Contributor Mark Kermode
Contributor Amanda Barrie
Contributor Vince Eager
Contributor Imelda May
Director Alan Byron
Director Mark Sloper
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