Prime v Belgae

Series 2 - Episode 2 Prime v Belgae



It’s 2016, and it’s true what they say – undergraduate degrees are not enough! Masters degrees are not enough! PhDs are not enough! No, the only stamp of academic achievement of any worth at all is to make it through 30 minutes of a highbrow quiz show with your dignity intact. After watching this wordy, time-pressured offering mine, dear reader, is not, but Fiona Bruce is a reassuring presence that assuages the inevitable inferiority complex you’ll develop if you struggle with anagrams.

The “hive” concept of this series almost manages to have a Brechtian effect: the ticking clock and perfectly tessellated hexagons induce a sense of panic in the viewer not unlike being hunted by a swarm of angry bees.


Fiona Bruce presents the word-based general knowledge quiz in which players not only have to know the answers, but also have to find them hidden in a honeycomb of letters. The teams competing this week are Prime and Belgae.

Cast & Crew

Host Fiona Bruce
Director Stephen Stewart
Executive Editor Sohail Shah
Executive Producer Stephen Stewart
Executive Producer Jeremy Salsby
Producer Jeremy Salsby
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