My Floating Home

My Floating Home

Series 1 - Episode 1



This is Grand Designs Afloat. Sales of floating homes are enjoying a boom, apparently, so here’s a chance to see how couples and families are reshaping their lives on canals, marinas and rivers.

Mark and Holly have a dramatic plan for a one-bedroom house on a mooring near Chichester. The designs certainly look grand – cedar cladding, sundeck with 360-degree views etc – but what’s most absorbing is the detail of how you go about floating a house that weighs 26 tons (answer: a concrete base like a box with no lid) and how you stop it tilting when everyone stands at one end. Mark Evans plays Kevin McCloud.


Mark Evans charts the exploits of individuals, couples and families who aspire to leave landlocked suburbia behind. In the first episode he meets a couple aiming to build and launch a floating home among the narrowboats and pleasure cruisers moored along the Chichester riverbank.

Cast & Crew

Presenter Mark Evans
Director Lee Reading
Director Matt Currington
Executive Producer Carlo Massarella
Executive Producer Toby Dormer
Producer Lee Reading
Producer Matt Currington
Series Producer Andrew Barron
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