Ross Kemp: Extreme World


Series 5 - Episode 2 USA/Mexico



Ross Kemp is criss-crossing the US/Mexican border investigating the never-ending stream of migrants illegally making their way to the US. Currently, there’s about 650 miles of fence between the two nations – about a third of the length of wall promised by Donald Trump.

There will always be people prepared to make the journey. Prey to traffickers, they could be abandoned to die in the desert, or if caught by US authorities, sent back to precisely the situation they were trying to flee. And as Kemp says, wouldn’t the vast sums being lavished on keeping illegals out be better spent on making conditions in their home countries better?


On the USA-Mexico border, Ross discovers the harsh realities for the men and women attempting to make a new life in America and learns how their journey is becoming increasingly deadly, meeting the traffickers exploiting the migrants and the border patrols determined to stop them. The actor examines what drives people to make this dangerous crossing, the practicalities of preventing them and the role the migrants play in America's economy.