Lost Sitcoms: Steptoe and Son: A Winter's Tale

Series 1 - Episode 3 Lost Sitcoms: Steptoe and Son: A Winter's Tale



If all the best sitcoms are about confinement, then rag-and-bone two-hander Steptoe and Son was the most suffocating example. For eight series between 1962 and 74, “dirty old man” Albert and epically deluded, held-back son Harold sniped, grumbled and gurned at each other, eternally dissatisfied yet never able to part. It made huge stars of Wilfrid Brambell and Harry H Corbett.

In this re-creation of a 1970 episode, ’Arold (Ed Coleman) plans a solo skiing holiday, much to the disgust of his crabby patriarch (an almost unrecognisable Jeff “Dead Donkey” Rawle).

It’s another stagey exhumation from a forgotten age, with its references to kazis and crumpet, but with potent reveries that enable the characters to flee the literal and metaphorical scrapheap of their lives.


A remake of an episode from 1970. Harold is planning on taking a skiing holiday - but he does not want dad Albert there under any circumstances. Jeff Rawle and Ed Coleman star.

Cast & Crew

Albert Steptoe Jeff Rawle
Harold Steptoe Ed Coleman
Director Ben Gosling Fuller
Producer Owen Bell
Writer Ray Galton
Writer Alan Simpson
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