Fishing Impossible


Series 1 - Episode 2 Bahamas

Wednesday 7:30pm - 8pm be3


Lionfish are a problem in the Caribbean. Native to the Indo-Pacific, they were first spotted off Florida in the 1980s, perhaps as a result of owners who had kept them as pets releasing them into the sea.

With no local predators, the lionfish swamped ecosystems and decimated local species. But our three gung-ho fishermen are on their case in the Bahamas this week: “This is a war, dude! We’ve got to save these reefs!” they cry, before the marine biologist nicknamed Blowfish is mobbed by sharks as he tries to get them interested in eating lionfish. It would faze most presenters, but he keeps his cool.


The guys head to the Bahamas in search of the invasive lionfish, highly venomous creatures which are wreaking havoc on native species. Lionfish live deep in the reefs, making them impossible to catch on rod and line, and Charles Butcher, Jason Lewis, Thomas Hird and Julian Jones must work out a way to remove as many of them as they can without being stung.

Cast & Crew

Contributor Charles Butcher
Contributor Jason Lewis
Contributor Thomas Hird
Contributor Julian Jones
Director Alistair Smith
Executive Producer Chris Fouracre
Executive Producer Tammy Hoyle
Executive Producer Paul Sommers
Producer Alistair Smith
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