Adam & Grace

Series 1 - Episode 4 Adam & Grace



Endings, endings, endings. Dramas stand or fall on their final episode, no matter what’s gone before. We might have sat through hours of hand-wringing, gut-wrenching thrills, but if it all finishes with the squeak of a gnat rather than the roar of a bear, we feel angry. Let down. Short-changed.

One of Us ends tonight and we discover who murdered newlyweds Adam and Grace and their unborn child. More importantly we learn why someone felt the need to so something so grotesque and appalling. It might have stopped raining in the Highlands, where their two bereaved families are grieving and covering up major crimes of their own, but it’s still miserable.

The writers, Jack and Harry Williams, tie up everything. No loose ends are left flapping in the breeze. Whether you believe any of it… that’s another matter. I expect our Feedback pages to be busy…


With Rob in jail, Claire is still desperately hunting for answers and Adam and Grace's wedding video could hold the key to the mystery. When Claire makes a shocking discovery, the truth is more terrible than she could ever have imagined and will change all of their lives forever. Drama set in the remote Scottish Highland village of Braeston, focusing on the aftermath when two childhood sweethearts are killed on their return from honeymoon. Starring Juliet Stevenson, Joanna Vanderham, Laura Fraser and Joe Dempsie. Last in the series.

Cast & Crew

Louise Elliot Juliet Stevenson
Rob Elliot Joe Dempsie
Claire Elliot Joanna Vanderham
Bill Douglas John Lynch
Moira Douglas Julie Graham
Juliet Laura Fraser
Andrew Steve Evets
Alastair Gary Lewis
Sal Kate Dickie
Anna Georgina Campbell
Meredith Anne Kidd
Jay Chris Fulton
Jamie Douglas Cristian Ortega
Lee Walsh Owen Whitelaw
Adam Elliot Jeremy Neumark Jones
Grace Douglas Kate Bracken
Charlie Fuller Gilly Gilchrist
Maddy Isis Hainsworth
Helen Beth Marshall
Yuki Kae Alexander
Minister Mathews Matthew Zajac
12 Year old Grace Kanesly Tait
12 Year old Adam Harry Wood
Constable Hartley Robin Laing
Director William McGregor
Producer Colin Wratten
Writer Jack Williams
Writer Harry Williams
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