Beck: Gunvald

Beck: Gunvald



It’s comforting to know that Swedish TV cops are burdened with the kind of blinkered jobsworth bosses that blight British crime dramas.

Dolorous Martin Beck’s superior is a snitty young stickler who becomes terribly anxious about the “top brass” and “newspapers” when Beck’s team suffers a catastrophic blow. (He doesn’t actually say “the Press are all over this” but he comes close).

Of course it’s only a matter of time before said boss insists that Beck is “too emotionally involved” to lead the subsequent investigation. But no one tells Martin Beck what to do, which is a shame because by the end of the episode I really wanted to know the Swedish translation of “you must wait for backup!”


An investigative journalist is found murdered in his own home, and the fingerprints of a notorious criminal debt collector are found at the scene of the crime. More suspects enter the frame when it becomes clear the man was being threatened by right-wing extremists, but when the victim's work on a book about `society's dark side' emerges, the case takes an unexpected turn. Suddenly, there is much more at stake than finding the journalist's killer, and Beck and his team find themselves struggling to protect the balance of their professional and private lives. Crime thriller, starring Peter Haber. In Swedish.

Cast & Crew

Martin Beck Peter Haber
Gunvald Larsson Mikael Persbrandt
Inger Rebecka Hemse
Oskar Bergman Mons Nathanaelson
Jenny Boden Anna Asp
Ayda Ceyin Elmira Arikan
Klas Freden Jonas Karlsson
Andrea Bergstrom Asa Karlin
Gunilla Urst Anu Sinisalo
Grannen Ingvar Hirdwall
Vilhelm Tommy Wättring
Petra Sofia Zouagui
Director Morten Klingberg
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