Horrible Histories

The Grisly Great Fire of London

Episode 3 The Grisly Great Fire of London



For the 350th anniversary of the Great Fire of London, Horrible Histories returns for a one-off special looking at the disaster and the events that surrounded it. On the night of September 2, a spark from a baker's oven in Pudding Lane ignited a fire which roared through the tightly packed streets of London, tearing up the timber-framed houses and destroying up to a third of the city. In true Horrible Histories fashion, this special episode explores London and Britain before the fire, full of plague and party in the raucous Restoration atmosphere personified by King Charles II. We see how London's mayor preferred to stay in bed during the fire because been partying the night before, and how Samuel Pepys rushed to bury his parmesan cheese for safety. We meet Christopher Wren, astronomer and self-styled architect. We see how his new St Paul's, that rose phoenix-like from the ashes, was a physical manifestation of the ideas of the age. We take a look at Isaac Newton and the Royal Society with their wonderfully crazy and gruesome experiments! And, of course, our trusty sewer-dweller Rattus to guide the way!

Cast & Crew

Main Cast Member Tom Stourton
Main Cast Member Richard Atwill
Main Cast Member Richard David-Caine
Main Cast Member Jalaal Hartley
Main Cast Member Jessica Ransom
Main Cast Member Thom Tuck
Main Cast Member Gemma Whelan
Additional Cast Member Mel Giedroyc
Additional Cast Member Daniel Lawrence Taylor
Additional Cast Member Robert Webb
Additional Cast Member Dominique Moore
Additional Cast Member Natalie Walter
Additional Cast Member Jon Culshaw
Puppeteer John Eccleston
Director Steve Connelly
Producer Lisa Mitchell
Series Producer Tom Miller
Executive Producer Simon Welton
Executive Producer Richard Bradley
Scriptwriter Ben Ward
Scriptwriter Danielle Ward
Scriptwriter Steve Punt
Scriptwriter Joe Tucker
Scriptwriter Danny Peak
Scriptwriter Dave Cohen
Scriptwriter Sarah Morgan
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