Cold Feet

Series 6 - Episode 2



Taxi driver and all-round good egg Pete, who usually bounces with joviality, is falling into a well of sadness. He won’t talk about it, but he’s a middle-aged man on a dangerous precipice.

There are poignant moments in the second episode of Mike Bullen’s re-visit to the Manchester friends as Pete (John Thomson) struggles with his depression. Bullen handles this well, so it doesn’t feel like an artificially inserted “issue”, because Pete is a man we know and like, who’s unhappy and who needs help.

Meanwhile, Pete’s best friend Adam (James Nesbitt) is at a crossroads in his personal life, with a son, Matt, who’s struggling to find his place in the world.

But there are signs that other Cold Feeters might be on the cusp of new and exciting chapters. Like Karen (Hermione Norris), in many ways the group’s lodestone, who attracts the attention of a suave businessman (Art Malik).


Adam reveals that he has changed his mind about starting a new life in Singapore as his son needs him in Manchester, while David continues to try to impress Adam's father-in-law. Jenny and Pete's money worries have taken a toll on their marriage and particularly their sex life, leading Jenny to remind him of the bedroom fantasies they used to act out when they were younger. However, when even that fails to do the trick, the attentions of a client at work leave her flattered - but would she ever cheat on her beloved husband?

Cast & Crew

Adam Williams James Nesbitt
David Marsden Robert Bathurst
Karen Marsden Hermione Norris
Pete Gifford John Thomson
Jenny Gifford Fay Ripley
Tina Reynolds Leanne Best
Harry Matthews James Bolam
Eddie's PA Chike Chan
Tricia Matthews Susan Cookson
Angela Zubayr Karen David
Olivia Marsden Daisy Edgar-Jones
Trevor Green Nicholas Gleaves
Paul Matthews Peter Gunn
Adam Gifford Jack Harper
Ellie Marsden Ella Hunt
Roger Muir Gerald Kyd
Eddie Zubayr Art Malik
David's client Simon Poland
Robyn Duff Lucy Robinson
Matthew Williams Ceallach Spellman
Georgia Harvey Lizzie Stavrou
Lone drinker James Weber Brown
Director Terry McDonough
Executive Producer Terry McDonough
Executive Producer Kenton Allen
Executive Producer Mike Bullen
Executive Producer Matthew Justice
Producer Rebecca Ferguson
Writer Mike Bullen
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