First Day at Big School

First Day at Big School


By turns heartwarming and heartbreaking, this fly-on-the-classroom wall doc reveals what starting at primary school is like for four-year-olds.

Oscar dissolves into gut-wrenching sobs when his dad leaves, while Beth stares solemnly through her glasses and refuses to utter a word. But Yusuf is supremely confident (his dad says he’s 40, not four) while Emily is a model of good behaviour.

There are also some classic moments as the children make friends: “I just need a poo,” announces one little girl suddenly before rushing off, leaving her playmate wondering what just happened.


Documentary following a class of four-year-old children during their first week of school as they connect with their new surroundings and each other. The cast of pupils describe their experiences, from first falls in the playground, to attempting to make friends.

Cast & Crew

Director Charlotte Faux
Executive Producer Fiona O'Sullivan
Producer Charlotte Faux