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Audley End 2

Series 39 - Episode 3 Audley End 2



It’s extraordinary the things that people collect. Last week at Audley End a man brought in a suitcase full of toilet chains. This time a woman brings in a few examples from her collection of 600 bookmarks and page-turners. “And you look so normal!” jokes expert Hilary Kay.

There are some great background stories too including one about a large bronze cockerel that was buried under a magnolia tree by its Belgian owners during the Second World War so it wouldn’t be melted down (although they had trouble locating it afterwards). And several items are given a valuation that elicits a gasp and a round of applause from the onlookers.


Fiona Bruce presents a second visit to Audley End House, Essex, where items up for valuation include a large bronze cockerel that was buried during both world wars to escape being melted down for ammunition and a table that Napoleon may have signed his abdication on. One visitor to the show has a fascination with design diagrams inspired by an earlier episode - and brings in a collection of 650.

Cast & Crew

Presenter Fiona Bruce
Executive Editor Simon Shaw
Producer Simon Brant
Producer Michele Burgess