The Level

Series 1 - Episode 1



If you enjoyed Marcella, you’re in luck. Not only has ITV ordered a second series of the Anna Friel drama, but The Level is a similar – and less bonkers – female-led crime thriller, based on the same premise of a cop implicated up to her armpits in the murder case she’s investigating.

When we meet small, worried-looking DS Nancy Devlin (the excellent Karla Crome) she is at a high point. She hears she has won an award for bravery in the line of duty. Her whole office applauds, there’s champagne, it’s all good.

But not for long. From there, the plot sends a tsunami of troubles her way. ITV want us to keep the exact cause of her problems quiet, but within minutes of screen time her world is slashed open – as is she.

An old friend, Frank (Philip Glenister), a Brighton haulier with criminal connections, calls in a favour. He was once a father figure to her and she has, we gather, covered for his dodgy dealings in the past: not any more.


Detective Sergeant Nancy Devlin has a secret double life - her exemplary police career masks a covert attachment to shady businessman and drugs trafficker Frank Le Saux. She has remained loyal to Frank from childhood, as he was the father figure she craved, so plays a dangerous game to ensure that he always remains off the police radar. However, she finds herself at the centre of an investigation that puts her at risk of exposure and sees her stalked by a killer intent on destroying her. Drama, starring Karla Crome and Philip Glenister.

Cast & Crew

Nancy Devlin Karla Crome
Hayley Svrcek Laura Haddock
Sean `Gunner' Martin Noel Clarke
Kevin O'Dowd Robert James-Collier
Michelle Newman Lindsey Coulson
Cherie Le Saux Amanda Burton
Teresa Devlin Suzanne Packer
Duncan Eliot Geoff Bell
Gayle Vincent Jane Hazlegrove
Darryl Quinn Lorne MacFadyen
Gil Devlin Gary Lewis
Frank Le Saux Philip Glenister
Delia Bradley Kelly Harrison
Theo Kettler Rupert Procter
Julie Ruth Madeley
Sharad Nayer Ashley Kumar
Geraldine Lucy Black
DCI Keithley Geff Francis
Tate Le Saux Cian Binchy
Romany Svcek Grace Pennington
Thane Svrcek Alfie Pennington
Pervaiz Quareshi Ronak Patani
Aamil Quareshi Dev Sagoo
Suri Quareshi Aasiya Shah
Executive Producer Polly Leys
Executive Producer Kate Norrish
Series Director Andy Goddard
Series Producer Jane Dauncey
Writer Gaby Chiappe
Writer Alex Perrin
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