The Season of the Witch

Series 1 - Episode 5 The Season of the Witch



Oh dear, that meek, studious college boy Nasir Khan is steadily slipping from view. The series’ powerful central message of the deleterious, indiscriminate effect of the American justice system takes full hold this week as Nas, under the direction of prison kingpin Freddy Knight, embraces the mindset of the cons on remand in New York’s forbidding Rikers Island prison. And he embraces it in a most brutal way.

But it’s not all unrelenting grimness. There’s light relief in the form of John Tuturro’s gumshoe lawyer John Stone — though his is more an itchy shoe, as he trawls New York searching for a cure to his red raw psoriasis.


As the trial goes ahead, Chandra takes the helm for the defence, while Box retraces Naz's steps on the night of the crime. Elsewhere, Stone confronts a witness. Starring Riz Ahmed.