Series 1 - Episode 2



This weird thriller from writer Bill Gallagher just gets weirder. But just when you think that Paranoid is utter, portentous tosh, then it suddenly veers off in a potentially interesting direction.

It has its fair share of clichés, including a jobsworth boss (played by the estimable Neil Stuke) who just wants a quick result to put in front of the Crown Prosecution Service. Some hope, as the detectives hunting the murderer of a young mother are being dogged by the so-called “ghost detective”, someone who’s pretending to be a cop and interviewing witnesses.

Tearful detective Nina (Indira Varma) is still weeping at crime scenes about being dumped. “You’re facing a woman’s biggest existential crisis,” says her young colleague.


Crime thriller about a seemingly open-and-shut murder investigation that plunges the detectives of a rural Cheshire town an ever-darkening mystery. Pressure mounts on the team to wrap up the case, although things prove not to be that simple when Bobby, Nina and Alec uncover clues suggesting the murder was more than just a random attack. But chasing a lead turns out to have devastating consequences for one member of the team. Robert Glenister, Indira Varma and Dino Fetscher star, with Lesley Sharp, Kevin Doyle, Polly Walker, Michael Maloney and William Ash.

Cast & Crew

Nina Suresh Indira Varma
Bobby Day Robert Glenister
Alec Wayfield Dino Fetscher
Michael Niles Neil Stuke
Linda Felber Christiane Paul
Lucy Cannonbury Lesley Sharp
Eric Benton John Duttine
PC Megan Waters Anjil Mohindra
Cedric Felber Daniel Drewes
Dr Crowley Michael Maloney
Sheri Ayda Field
Monica Wayfield Polly Walker
Walti Merian Dominik Tiefenthaler
Henry Appley William Ash
Luke Benton William Flanagan
Director Mark Tonderai
Executive Producer Nicola Shindler
Executive Producer Bill Gallagher
Producer Tom Sherry
Writer Bill Gallagher
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