Nature's Weirdest Events

Nature's Weirdest Events

Series 5



Chris Packham returns with his jaunty grab bag of scientific stories from around the world. The story of Joy Milne from Perth, for instance, who has such an acute sense of smell she can detect when people have Parkinson’s disease – in the case of her husband, years before he was diagnosed. Her claims, backed up by tests, have pointed Parkinson’s research in new directions that could identify patients before symptoms appear.

Other stories on Packham’s radar include the prehistoric lion cubs found in Siberian permafrost, which could be brought back to life by cloning; and the mystery “spaceballs” that have landed in Spanish fields. Are they satellite debris or something stranger?


Chris Packham presents a fresh selection of unusual events from the natural world, backed up by eyewitness accounts, film clips and input from scientists. He begins by finding out why Spain is under attack from spaceballs, how a penguin became a man's best friend and the origins of a mysterious underwater blob. He also learns how one woman's nose could hold the key to detecting Parkinson's disease and reveals how prehistoric lions could be brought back from the dead.

Cast & Crew

Presenter Chris Packham
Producer Joanne Stevens
Series Producer Chloe Sarosh