The Beach

Series 1 - Episode 1 The Beach



This US crime drama oozes class. It’s based upon the acclaimed BBC series Criminal Justice and adapted by top crime writer Richard Price and Oscar-winning screenwriter Steven Zaillian.

Riz Ahmed stars as Nasir Khan, a Pakistani-American student in New York, who becomes a murder suspect after he wakes to find the woman with whom he spent a drug-fuelled night stabbed to death in her bed. The tension ratchets up after he is pulled over for a traffic violation while fleeing the scene.

Ahmed is superb as the wide-eyed Nasir, struggling to comprehend what has happened – all anxious glances and fidgety hands – while the cops drip Noo Yawk attitude.


A New York college student embarks upon a spontaneous night out, but a nightmarish run of events lead to his arrest for murder. Crime drama, starring Riz Ahmed.

Cast & Crew

Nasir Kahn Riz Ahmed