On Benefits: Single & Skint

On Benefits: Single & Skint

Series 1

Sun 29 Oct 8pm - 9pm 5STAR


The ongoing documentary series profiling some of Britain's welfare recipients continues, this time highlighting people who are keen to find love, all while struggling to make ends meet. In Norwich, 56-year-old Donna built an alter-ego as a means to escape a life of hand-outs, and is now tentatively trying her hand at online dating. Doncaster resident and sci-fi fan Carl, 39, tries to save some of the £140-a-month he receives in benefits to attend a comic convention, where he hopes to discover a mutual attraction with a like-minded girl. Meanwhile, in Bury St Edmunds, 25-year-old single mother Jade worries her OCD-driven cleaning routine is getting in the way of her quest to find the perfect - and gainfully employed - man.

Cast & Crew

Director Mark Russell
Executive Producer Ian Rumsey
Producer Mark Russell
Series Producer Mark Dolan