A Week in the Wild

A Week in the Wild


Sometimes you have to wonder how they choose the celebs for these travelogues. Spinning a wheel? Throwing darts blindfold at a board? Off to Mexico here are: TV presenter Melanie Sykes! German stand-up comedian Henning Wehn! And… Boris Johnson’s dad, Stanley! They’re hiking through the remote Copper Canyon in the Sierra Madre mountains.

The trio are participants rather than presenters, bonding quickly by reflecting in not too much depth on the rigours of the walk and the beauty of the surroundings – until they’re bowled over by meeting the hardy, happy locals who live entirely without mod cons. It’s a curious but charming film.


Ex-politician Stanley Johnson, broadcaster and model Melanie Sykes, and comedian Henning Wehn tackle an iconic long-distance hike in Mexico's Copper Canyon, where they learn about the country's culture, people and environment.

Cast & Crew

Narrator Stephen Mangan
Contestant Stanley Johnson
Contestant Melanie Sykes
Contestant Henning Wehn
Director Damien O'Mahony
Executive Producer Natalie Wilkinson
Executive Producer Alan Hayling
Producer Jo Young
Producer Damien O'Mahony
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