New York: America's Busiest City

New York: America's Busiest City

Series 1 - Episode 1



In this breathless hurtle through New York’s rush hour, everyone has a bad case of the Gregg Wallaces. You know what I mean, the eyes-wide-open sheer marvelling at STUFF THAT HAPPENS! Isn’t it all just incredibly interesting and amazing?!!

Anita Rani, the most gung-ho of television presenters, is thrilled by everyone she meets, everywhere, at all times, as the first episode of a three-part series comes from the beautiful, cathedral-like Grand Central Terminal.

She manages to get in the way of commuters pouring into Manhattan at rush hour while Ade Adepitan, having negotiated a train in his wheelchair, takes a yellow cab. The driver doesn’t mince his words when Adepitan asks if he’d ever be picked up as a fare. Probably not - “You’re black and in a wheelchair!”

Meanwhile, Dan Snow takes an informative trip around the once porn and drug hell hole of Times Square.


Ade Adepitan, Anita Rani, Ant Anstead and Dan Snow take a closer look at one of the most complex and powerful cities in the world, focusing on transport links in the first edition. Anita, Ade and Ant head to Grand Central Terminal, joining the daily commute on the iconic Staten Island ferry as well as the subway, suburban railroad and citibikes. Dan visits Times Square to see how the 230 LED advertising hoardings are maintained, while Ade takes a ride in a yellow cab, discovering that the business model is under threat from newly created taxi apps.

Cast & Crew

Presenter Ade Adepitan
Presenter Anita Rani
Presenter Ant Anstead
Presenter Dan Snow
Director Michael Rees
Director Lorraine Evans
Director Rowan Crawford
Executive Producer Lisa Ausden
Producer Michael Rees
Producer Lorraine Evans
Producer Rowan Crawford
Series Producer Amanda Lyon
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